Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blue Suede Shoes with Plaid

Yes, I am wearing a sweater - in July! Am I crazy? Nope - I was barely outside today at all, so even though it is swelteringly hot, I was nice and comfortable. Body temperatures are a weird thing.
However, it does mean that you can finally see the real rich blue of this sweater! Every time I wear it, it looks very dark, and the lovely indigo shade of blue doesn't show well.

See? Like this.
I last wore this sweater here (way down past the Swingin' 60s Gala) in February with my snowflake skirt. I have a mustard yellow cami on under it just in case there is any boob action going on. You never know when they might make a break for it!
Dear me, I do adore this skirt. You should see how the bottom pleats swirl about (much like...a kilt, shockingly) when I walk. Divine! I last wore it here in May, the day before my last haircut. And what do you know? I have a haircut tomorrow!

The stuff:
I have had these blue suede shoes for many years, and I love them so much. They need to be re-heeled, but since I don't wear them all that frequently - even though they are amazingly comfortable! - I haven't bothered to do it. I last wore them here in September 2013 with Spanish Ladies and a red hat with an orange feather.

The stuff:
Classic reds to go with all that blue. I love my coral jewelry.

Sweater (Ricki's, thrifted), skirt (Bianca Nygard, thrifted), shoes (Feet First), bracelet (Plum), earrings (local), coral/silver ring (Oscar & Libby's), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes).


Shybiker said...

Great outfit. The skirt is superb and blue looks pretty. Nice jewelry, too.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

You must have been in an air conditioned space...today was HOT!
I wore a tank dress and had a second shower!
You look very chic and cool...

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh, those lit-up blues and stupendous silhouette! Wow!
(I'm in sweaters too - my actual office conditions make it challenging to be seasonally-appropriate.)

Patti said...

Very nice, Sheila! My boobs have *never* made a run for it, sigh. Love the shoes and bling. xo

Bethie The Boo said...

I pretty much have to wear a sweater inside too, I'm glad for the air conditioning, but it sure can be chilly!

pastcaring said...

Bright blue, red, and tartan - what a lovely combination! It does look more of an autumn/winter outfit, but then nowhere in the UK has air conditioning, so if it gets warm here, it's warm inside the buildings too! xxx

Shawna McComber said...

I love this look and the colours, Sheila! This is very much something the teacher me would have worn because it looks professional but still relaxed. I love the silhouette and the colours. Oh I said that already. Well I really do love it and you look great in it!

Helga said...

Plaid! Blue!!! Rowr! Divoon, darling!

Sabina B said...

First of all, quirky is just my kind of thing. And this is my all time fave of all combinations out there in the fashion world. seriously- tartan and blue. And you have a great talent for picking just the right shade for you. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

Lorena said...

Oh the blue does stand out in its real hue with outside lighting.
I too like to watch and feel garments move, its like artwork coming to life.